Grays Solarwinds Orion Colourising Kit v2.0.1


Choose a base theme to start from.


General template and Orion console component colours

Background: Header/Footer Background:
Text: Header/Footer Text:
Headings: Input Field Background:
Slide-Out Background: Input Field Text:
Slide-Out Highlight: Font:
Slide-Out Text: Icon Set:
Pattern Overlay:


Colour and format options for content boxes.

Background: Header Background:
Text: Header Text:
Border Colour: Hyperlinks:
Border Style:
Border Corners:
Pattern Overlay:


Choose your button styles.

Colour Style
Breadcrumb Style


Format tables independently of other content.

Odd Background: Odd Text
Even Background: Even Text:
Header Background: Header Text:


For now to switch charts to dark theme simply edit "\Orion\Charts\js\AllCharts.js\bundler.config" and change line 6 from /themes/orion.js to /themes/gray.js. Do not enter any extra spaces as this seems to break the charts - make a backup of the file before making the change just in case.


Once you've completed all the tabs hit the generate button to get your code. This should be pasted into the end of '\ui\modules\ui-bundle\novajs.min.css' (sometimes one level deeper in a folder called novajs) or '\orion\styles\mainlayout.css', novajs.min.css being the better of the two. Do NOT delete any other content, simply paste into the end and save, clear your browser cache and refresh any open pages.

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Neither this tool nor me, the author, have any affiliation what-so-ever with Solarwinds and have created this tool solely for the good of the Thwack community.